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Surrey School of Reflexology – Reflexology Diploma Course…

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL our 2019-20 students who have just received their examination results.

ALL students gained Credit or Distinction in their Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology exams and ALL gained Credit or Distinction in their Diploma in Reflexology examinations.   WELL DONE!!   A year of hard work justly rewarded..

The Surrey School of Reflexology offers a hands-on Practitioner’s Diploma Course enabling the student to become a competent Professional Reflexologist with an advanced level of professionalism.       

Registration for March 2022 Diploma in Reflexology is now taking place.  

Registration is usually in person at the Surrey School of Reflexology.   It is advised, but not mandatory, that you attend a Introductory Taster Reflexology day HOWEVER, because of Covid-19 restrictions at the present time we are accepting students via phone calls and or email.

This very comprehensive Course follows the new Level 3 UK Core Curriculum announced by the UK Reflexology Forum and the QCF (Qualification Credit Framework) standards.  (The QCF is at the heart of a major educational reform process in England, Wales and Ireland which allows skills gained, such as this Diploma Course, to have credit and value in industry).

This is one of the most comprehensive reflexology training courses available in the South East and is studied over a full year.  The student attends classes regularly, one full weekend, each month for 10 months plus study/revision days.

Practical treatments are carried out on 12 volunteer “clients” during the year as part of home study.  These case studies amount to over 105 hours practical and are presented as part of the practical examination. It is necessary to complete this number of case study treatments to acquire confidence and experience before working with the public.

On completion of the course the trainee will be able to provide a professional reflexology treatment and support to their clients with safety and expertise.

To achieve the most from this course, application and dedication is required of the student.

All students who have trained and qualified at the Surrey School of Reflexology are eligible for FULL membership to the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and the International Federation of Reflexologists plus umbrella organisations.

Anatomy & Physiology

Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology is included within this course and a separate examination is taken.         

Pathology, the study of human disease and conditions is featured highly as well.         

NB  This course provides in class study of Anatomy & Physiology so that the student can get to grips with the subject and ask questions during class .  Many schools provide a book and there is no in class training – they expect you to learn A&P by home study only.

Do not be attracted to shorter courses if you wish to become a competent Reflexologist as less information will be covered and not enough time will be dedicated to purely hands-on reflexology routine practice which increases your self-confidence and ability to support your client once you are running your own practice.


The course always fills very quickly – the attraction is learning with a small group – only 7/8 students are registered on each course so individual attention can be given.

Many of our students are in full-time work and looking for a career change; others are mature coming to Complementary Therapies once children are not so demanding or have flown the nest.

We pride ourselves in being able to support the learning of those with slight Dyslexic tendencies as classes are small.

Qualifications  required are enthusiasm to study Reflexology and understand the principles of how the human body works, and a good understanding of both the written and spoken English language.                                                             

Cost of the Diploma Course inc. all studies & text books is £1995. Other expenses include Large size Foot Chart (optional),Tunic, Reflexology chair or couch, & Examination Fees (total approx. £185). 

(Payment by installments is available, £495 at Registration then 5 monthly installments of £300 BY Direct Debit.  

Attendance is ONE weekend a month Saturday & Sunday start time is 10am.  HOWEVER, there is some variation at the present time due to Covid-19 restrictions.   Some training maybe via Zoom.        

Assessment is continuous with modular work written at home between attendance and with examinations at the end of the course after completion of modules and practical case studies:

  • Practical & Oral assessment with external examiners from IEB
  • Reflexology written 3 hour paper marked externally by  IEB
  • Anatomy & Physiology written 3 hour paper marked externally by IEB

Examinations are from the International Examination Board and recognized by insurance companies and complementary associations.  As a student, student membership to the International Federation of Reflexologists (IFR) is available and you will be invited to become a FULL member once qualified.  visit

All students trained at the Surrey School of Reflexology are also eligible for membership to the Association of Reflexologists (AoR)

Continuing Professional Development CPD – see page –  is now mandatory for all qualified therapists and this school offers workshops and seminars throughout the year for both the reflexologist and other therapists. For the Reflexologist these include Cancer Care; Working with sub-fertile couples; treating during IVF & Pregnancy; learning a very specific & effective hand routine developed by the specialist Renee Tanner

The next course with spaces commences, depending on restrictions, September 2021.   For dates of attendance please contact the school via the “Contact” page or phone.

A One Day Introductory Reflexology workshop specifically for anyone considering following our year long Diploma Course is arranged – see page.   This is your chance to get an idea of what is covered on the course and to be able to see and feel how to work with Reflexology on the feet also to ask any questions you may have.

The date of the next workshop will be Saturday 13th November 2021.

                   Association of Reflexologists