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Please Copy & Paste this Form.  Once complete please send to the address below with your cheque.  Payment by Internet Banking is possible please contact the school for details.




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Only courses more than 4 days in length can be paid for by installments. All fees for a course to be paid for within 2 months of start date.

I enclose a copy of the certificates which have been awarded to me and which are necessary for me to register for this course.

I confirm that I am in good health and that I do not suffer from any medical condition that would be contra-indicated to the course for which I am registering, or any contagious disease or illness that would prevent me from working with other students.

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Please make cheques (with card No. on reverse) payable to:
The Surrey School of Reflexology
and return this form with your payment to:
34 Downside Road Sutton Surrey SM2 5HP.
Tel. 020 8643 1609 Email.

Payment by internet is available.  Please contact the school for details.

Where did you first hear about this course?

(The Surrey School of Reflexology. reserves the right to refuse registration or training to any student).

Course cancellation
If a student notifies the School of their withdrawal from a course that is longer than 4 days in length, up to 30 days prior to the start date then the deposit will be returned less £60 administration charge. If less than 30 days notice is given then 75% of the full fee will be returned. Transfer onto another course may be possible.
Refund of fees less 10% for courses of 4 days or less is only given up to 14 days before the start of the course.
If the School cancels a course then full refund of deposit is paid or the student will be transferred to an alternative course or alternative course dates.
There is no refund of fees once any course has commenced.