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Advanced Reflexology Course – Maternity Reflexology Courses: Pregnancy, Labour & Post Natal Care

The Surrey School of Reflexology offers a Maternity Reflexology course of 2 intensive days  for Reflexologists wishing to be able to support women during their Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal periods.

This is a Certificated course accredited with the International Federation of Reflexologists

This very comprehensive 2 day Maternity Reflexology course is for fully trained experienced Reflexologists.  It aims to provide the therapist with the skills needed to be able to support mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy into labour and afterwards with postnatal care.

As well as specific reflexology techniques you will be taught how the body prepares for pregnancy and birth; what pain relief is available; pregnancy care and hospital protocol.  You will be taught how to recognize and understand related conditions that can be encountered during the three trimesters and labour itself, and adapt your treatment as necessary.

It is possible that you the reflexologist is seeing the client more often that she is seeing her midwife so it is vital that you can identify a possible problem and know when to suggest medical intervention.

The 2 days of the course are usually approximately 2-3 months apart during which time home study is completed which consist of 2 case studies with a minimum of 6 treatments each following a client through their pregnancy and if possible their labour.

An essay will be written on a related subject in order to expand the Reflexologist’s knowledge.

A Multiple Choice question paper is completed at the end of Day 2 and this along with the dissertation and case studies is externally verified.

Cost £240 including Assessment fees and IFR CPD certificate.  The course is accredited by the International Federation of Reflexologists and a Certificate is issued on successful completion of the course.

Payment can be in full on registering or £120 on registering and the remainder 2 weeks before the start date of the course.

Next Course commences:       23rd October 2021

Please contact if interested.

Tutor is midwife Ann Ellis, who provides antenatal education for expectant couples to enhance their birth experience and make informed choices.   Ann is also a qualified IFR Reflexologist.

This course awards 26 CPD points