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Advanced Reflexology Course – Cancer & Palliative Care for the Reflexologist

Cancer Support and Palliative Care Reflexologist Advanced Training is a 2 day course aimed at the Reflexologist but would also be useful for any CAM therapist who is considering treating a client/patient who has cancer.   It is vital that the therapist has a basic understanding of the condition, the form of cancer treatment given and expected results.  It is so important that you understand what your client has been through, where they are at when you first meet them, and understanding their journey as you continue to support them.

This 2 day course is aimed at the education and advancement of knowledge for the Reflexologist whose desire it is to have a greater awareness of the treatment of patients who are suffering with cancer and those in need of palliative care.  The Reflexologist is guided so that they can work towards best practice, communication and care for the client and his or her family.

The course will also be beneficial to other CAM therapists namely Aromatherapists and Massage therapists.

The training covers all aspects, the cancer journey from the symptoms that lead to the GP and the steps from that moment forward to tests, diagnoses, treatment, remission, end of life, feelings of patient and family, and all pathways in between.  As a CAM therapist you will consider contraindications, cautions, the use of reflexology in specific situations and also self care for yourself.  Research and findings into the use of Reflexology in cancer care will be looked at.

The training is shared between the tutor and a medically trained Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) of cancer care.

Requirements for this training are that the student is a fully qualified Reflexologist or Physical therapist to Level 3  and also has an Anatomy & Physiology  Certificate at Level 3.

Theoretical study will be required where a theoretical case study is considered and written up.

The course is accredited with the International Federation of Reflexologists.

Cost of training £240 including certificate.  This CPD certificate accreditation is from the IEB/ IFR after completion of the course plus the home study.     Entitlement to the student is 22 CPD points when all home study completed.

Payment can be in full on registering or £120 on registering and £120 by 2 weeks before the weekend.

The next 2 day course is 16 & 17 November 2019 – Full

Dates for 2020 14 & 15 March